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IMG_8725 Ebony final 2Curación Nails, Body, and Success Sanctuaryis led by our Creative Director, Ebony Contreras. A Silver Spring, Maryland resident and native she has been a licensed Nail Technician in the state of Maryland for over 15 years. She has also taught courses at two local college and universities.


She graduated from Sweet Briar College with Bachelors in Sociology and a Law & Society minor. She earned money in college by providing nail services to her fellow classmates while also serving as a Resident Assistant (RA). Eventually Ebony worked in a Day Spa as well as a Maryland-based Mobile Spa as a Nail Technician. During that time she also earned a Masters in Organization Development & Strategic Human Resources from Johns Hopkins’s University’s Carey Business School.


At Curación Nails, Body, and Success Sanctuary™, she provides strategic direction and leadership in employee development, human resources, marketing, community outreach, and absolute customer satisfaction. She also serves as the lead Success Coach for career-life coaching, resume services, and academic paper review services.


Ebony brings her education and background in Nail Technology, Sociology, Human Resources, Training, and Career Facilitation to Curación Nails, Body, and Success Sanctuary. She provides thoughtful leadership, overseeing the strategic and creative direction of the sanctuary, human resources, marketing, staff training, community outreach, partnering, and absolute customer satisfaction.


Ebony is an author, Certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), Certified Global Career Development Facilitator Instructor (GCDF-I), and a National Career Development Association (NCDA) designated Master Career Specialist (MCS).


In her spare time she enjoys reading, creative writing, and spending time with her two children, two cats, and husband.




Team Members


Teranyshia, Assistant to the Creative Director 

Teranyshia is our Assistant to the Creative Director from Fort Hood Texas. She has one older sibling and takes care of her grandmother. Nyshia has always had a yearning to help people. She has been in the customer service/ hospitality industry for more than 5 years. Graduating high school in 2013, she plans to attend college become an Assistant Teacher.

Nyshia is super ambitious and would love to be in the Entertainment Industry so she can direct and write scripts for movies and television. Soon she will start to achieve her dream to become and author, writing fictional suspense books. In her free time you will find her over a stove practicing cooking and playing with her 2 year old Miniature Pincher. Her duties include business and marketing outreach programs and handling many of the administrative tasks. She works closely with the Creative Director to ensure our Spa Sanctuary meets our mission and achieves it goals. She is the key to the efficient operation of our sanctuary!







Ana, Wellness Therapist

Bio coming soon!





Gary,  Wellness Therapist

Bio coming soon!







Kevin, Master Wellness Therapist









Tiara, Wellness Therapist





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I just got my nails and feet done. The service here is awesome. The staff is great; they’re very attentive. They greet you with a smile. So when you come in looking to feel good, that’s exactly what you get. The massage was awesome. I would definitely recommend this to all my friends.

– Christopher Williams

Christopher Williams

She did a wonderful job. An A+ and 10 out of 10! It was really great.

Aaron Lawson

Fantastic! Best manicure I’ve ever had!

Zoe Fu

Excellent. My massage therapist was very considerate. I prefer this concentrated seated massage to table massages.

Ed Courtney

My Express-Mani was relaxing and calming and quick! I loved it! She did an excellent job. She paid attention to detail.

– Mima


Thank you! I feel like I’m on paradise island. Compared to how I felt before, I feel much better. I’m going through a lot right now in my life. My experience here was just very healing.

– Jennifer Bonilla

Jennifer Bonilla

My shoulders were so tight; and this express massage really released that tightness. It was good; I wanted more!


Excellent is an understatement. Just what I needed after a long day at work. The place has a calming and relaxing atmosphere, the staff are super friendly both on the phone and in person…very welcoming.

– Bridgett Nicholson

Bridgett Nicholson

I feel totally relaxed and great.  Best massage I’ve had in a long while.  I will definitely recommend Curación to my friends.

– Anthony Chow

Anthony Chow

What my Success Coach said was absolutely right. She zeroed in on what I needed to realize. It really helps to have someone from the outside reawake and touch what makes you tick. I’m more confident in the direction I need to go. Thank you

– Yaffa


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