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Quality, safe, and eco-friendly spa services that satisfy your desire for something different, healthy, and enjoyable to do with the people you care about.


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Best time to call: Weds-Saturday 3pm-8pm, Sunday 11-5pm

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Price Points:


Mani-Pedi Combos: Express 33.99, Signature Healing 69.99, Platinum Experience 159.99

Vegan Friendly & Cruelty Free Healthy Bio Seaweed Gel Polish add-on: 20

Deluxe Healing Seated Massage 39.99 for 30 minutes, Reincarnation Bodywork (table) 79.99 for 60 minutes

Couples Massage 160, VIP Shared Experience Package 311 (Mani-Pedi Combos & Massages)

Volcán De Fuego 131 for 75 minutes (Aromatherapy Ritual , Hot Towel Foot Massage, Hot Lava Shells)

Deluxe Healing Bootywork Treatment 49.99 for 45 minutes

Facial Experiences Express 39.99, Signature Healing 94.99, Platinum Experience 120

Organic Facial Threading (Hair Removal) 7.99-12.99

Career-Life Coaching 19.99 for 15 minutes, 38.99 for 30 minutes, 74.99 for 60 minutes

Resume/Cover letter/Statement of Purpose Letter/Other 39.99 a page

Academic Paper Feedback Review 14.99 per page

Soothing Sanctuary Foot Soaks Express 25.99, Signature Healing 55.99, Platinum Experience 75.99

Natural Hair Styling (Weave removal, two-strand-twists, Individual Plaits/Braids, Creative Designs, etc.) 25-85







Why Choose us?

Ranked #1: Ranked #1 for both the Best Day Spa and the Best Massage near Wheaton, MD and Ranked #2 out of 26 nail salons near Wheaton by


Guaranteed 100% Satisfaction, Period! Feel confident about trying us risk free!


Customized Spa Experiences for Duos: We are the leading spa in Montgomery County, Maryland that offers customized spa experiences designed for duos! Experiences at Curación Nails, Body, and Success Sanctuary™ are best enjoyed together! We help couples, friends, and family members reconnect, create memories, and reduce stress in a fun and relaxing way.


Don’t get shortchanged on Massages:  Other places offer 60 minute or 30-minute massage that are actually 50 minutes and 20 minutes. However, our 60-minute massage is really 60 minutes, and our 30-minute massage is also a full 30 minutes of hands-on service too. We don’t make you pay for that 10-15 minutes you spend consulting with us, enjoying your drink, or whatnot. That’s not how we operate. We are the best value, the safest, the friendliest, and the most welcoming.


Top Notch Safety & Sanitation: We’re very particular about safety and sanitation, so you never have to worry about that with us. We’re just as particular about the products we use. We’re excited to offer organic, natural, or vegan options for all of our services.


Improve your health. Feel better. Be happier! Regardless of your goals, wellness matters. When you’re confident and healthy, you’re able to achieve your goals more effectively because you’re at your best! Keeping your wellness as a priority is a gift to yourself. Give yourself the gift of happiness and healing so you can increase your confidence, overall health and be the absolute best you, you can be.


Unique Guatemalan Atmosphere: All of the beautiful artwork canvases in our sanctuary depict Guatemalan landscapes and culture. Many of our service offerings are specifically inspired by the Guatemalan culture. There are lots of rich, natural rainforest and other natural landmarks such as lakes and active volcanos that inspired our service offerings and how we’ve decorated our sanctuary spa.


Unique Choices Because Little Things Matter: Where else in the DMV can you experience fun “flavors” such as Absinthe, Cookies and Cream, Blueberry, Pancakes, Chocolate, Coconut Mango, Strawberry, and Men’s Top Shelf Whiskey in your services?  Plus, the Gel Nail Polish, we use is free of the big 5 bad chemicals often found in nail products, requires no sanding of the nail, its Cruelty-Free, Vegan Friendly & Solvent-Free. These “little” things really matter to us. We also provide Soothing Leg and Foot Sanctuary Soaks that are best experienced rather than described!


We go out of our way for Men! We’re the only sanctuary in the DMV with two collections of nail paint specifically formulated for men. We have a healthy matte clear coat for men who prefer not to be so colorful!  We go out of our way to ensure men are comfortable and treated with respect and care. We’re honored to have a larger male clientele than average. We love our men – Plus, they tell us they love us back because we “are really nice and have beer.” Seriously, that’s what they tell us all the time!


The Holistic Curación Difference: The combination of services we offer is really unique. Get results with your resume, receive interview and career coaching, and then enjoy a manicure, pedicure, and natural hair style so you can look your best at work! At our core we help people experience happiness and healing in a welcoming environment so we can support their empowerment and healing through nail care, massage, and career-life coaching for meaningful success, wellness seminars, natural hair styling, and our stress relieving leg and foot soaks.





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I just got my nails and feet done. The service here is awesome. The staff is great; they’re very attentive. They greet you with a smile. So when you come in looking to feel good, that’s exactly what you get. The massage was awesome. I would definitely recommend this to all my friends.

– Christopher Williams

Christopher Williams

She did a wonderful job. An A+ and 10 out of 10! It was really great.

Aaron Lawson

Fantastic! Best manicure I’ve ever had!

Zoe Fu

Excellent. My massage therapist was very considerate. I prefer this concentrated seated massage to table massages.

Ed Courtney

My Express-Mani was relaxing and calming and quick! I loved it! She did an excellent job. She paid attention to detail.

– Mima


Thank you! I feel like I’m on paradise island. Compared to how I felt before, I feel much better. I’m going through a lot right now in my life. My experience here was just very healing.

– Jennifer Bonilla

Jennifer Bonilla

My shoulders were so tight; and this express massage really released that tightness. It was good; I wanted more!


Excellent is an understatement. Just what I needed after a long day at work. The place has a calming and relaxing atmosphere, the staff are super friendly both on the phone and in person…very welcoming.

– Bridgett Nicholson

Bridgett Nicholson

I feel totally relaxed and great.  Best massage I’ve had in a long while.  I will definitely recommend Curación to my friends.

– Anthony Chow

Anthony Chow

What my Success Coach said was absolutely right. She zeroed in on what I needed to realize. It really helps to have someone from the outside reawake and touch what makes you tick. I’m more confident in the direction I need to go. Thank you

– Yaffa


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