Healing Services

  1. Energy & Morale Boosting Workplace Results
  2. Nail Health & Healing
  3. Healing Massage (Seated, Traditional Table, Healing Facial Massages)
  4. Career-Life Coaching (and Resume Re-Engineering)
  5. Soothing Leg and Foot Sanctuary Soaks
  6. Healing Hair Experiences
  7. Shoeless Seminar Socials
  8. Organic Hair Threading
  9. We Deliver! Mobile Spa Wellness Services


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slider5Energy & Morale Boosting Workplace Results

We offer a number of services to small and medium sized businesses and organizations that help improve their energy, morale, and health. For details and pricing, call or email us with what your vision is and we’ll provide you with a quote. Below are some of our most requested Workplace Results Services:

Outplacement Services: One-on-one or group career coaching, resume services, or career management/wellness classes to help employees who have been let go or to help those who are left behind.

On-site Massage: Stress reduction massages at your location (Pricing per hour).

Professional Development Seminars: Such as lunch and learns for your group. We offer over 20 different Career-Life & Wellness Enrichment Training Seminars. These range from 60 minutes to 1 day.

Hosting meetings, parties, and team building classes at your location or ours.

Employee Appreciation: Gift baskets, gift certificates, etc. Customized and delivered directly to you, or you can pick them up at our location.

Employee Benefits: Benefit from a Team or Business Membership where your employees can enjoy one or more wellness services at our location, paid by you at a reduced Team/Business Membership price.



Nail Health & Healing

Hygienic “waterless” nail healing

We offer hygienic “waterless” manicures and pedicures which don’t require soaking of the hands or feet. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Environmental Protection Agency have both given warnings about infectious organisms that can cause serious damage when improperly cleaned foot spas are used. Our “waterless” services are eco-friendly, safe, and give you the results you’re looking for while relaxing your hands or feet in hot towels. We do however, offer a Organic Tea Tree & Lavender Healing Foot Bath if you would prefer to let your feet soak.

Additionally we sanitize any reusable implements and place them in medical grade bags to keep them safe and clean in between usage. Our buffers and foot pumice bars are single use for your safety.


Ergonomically shaped Lounger Relaxation Chairs

Black Breath Pedi-Lounge PhotoForget about bulky, pulsating chairs that hit all the wrong places. You’ll enjoy not having to walk like a duck from a pedicure chair to a nail table with each mani-pedi. All of our nail services are experienced in our ergonomically shaped Lounger Relaxation Chairs. After your nails are done, you can dry your hands under our nail fans or continue to relax in your “floating”/rocking lounge as your nails dry.

Our Lounger Relaxation Chairs are a very unique experience that traditional nail salons can’t replicate. As your body is eased into a blissful reclining position, the gentle rocking action causes a floating sensation which helps you relax in a different way. These chairs are particularly great for experiencing the hand, leg, or foot massages.


Premium Polishes for everyone and specialty Nail Paint for men

You’ll love our collection of Karma Organics, and our two men’s collections: MANGLAZE and BB Couture for Men.


bioseaweedAdditionally, we’re proud to offer Bio Seaweed Gel, the healthier gel choice. Bio Seaweed Gel is big-5 free, chip-free, and provides high shine wear without compromising health for beauty. Cruelty-Free. Vegan Friendly. Zero Dehydration, Staining and Weakening. Add-on $12 Weds Special, $20 Thurs-Sun.




remover lavenderWe’re also proud to use Karma Organic’s award winning 7-Free nail care products. which are free of TPHP, toluene, formaldehyde, DBP (phthalate), camphor, formaldehyde resin, xylene, and parabens. We also use their Organic Lavender Polish Removers which is soy-based, non-toxic and organic. These products are perfect for the Eco-conscious nail care user. karma organics




manglaze_2011_fall_lineupMANGLAZE says it best when they describe their polish as  “a less girlie nail polish made to function well for men and appeal to foxy women. This stuff is badass, cruelty-free, toxin-free and made by hand in the good old USA. “



BBC_Formal_Bottles_dThe BB Couture for men’s line has over 60 colors dedicated to the modern man. Their formulas are VEGAN, CRUELTY FREE and FREE of FORMADEHYDE, TOLUENE and DBP.






Healing Massage (Seated, Traditional Table)


Let’s be upfront about hands-on time

When we say our massage is 30 minutes, one hour, or whatnot: We mean it. Our 30 minute massage is honestly 30 minutes long, hands-on. Any massage time you are receiving from us is true hands-on time! We like to be upfront about this because for those of you who have had massages from other places in the past, there’s a common practice of having 25 minutes of hands-on for a “30 minute massage” or 50 minutes hands-on for an “hour long” massage. We don’t do that here. Your 30 minute massage will be at least 30 minutes hands-on and your hour massage will be at least 60 minutes hands-on.


Flexibility to meet your needs

From deep tissue to Swedish, our therapists are trained in a variety of styles. The type of massage you receive is based on your consultation with your therapist and not constrained by one specific modality per session. This flexibility allows us to use more than one modality (type) during your massage based on your specific needs.


Seated and Traditional Table

We offer two mediums of massages: Seated and Table (Stress-reducing, Therapeutic, and Romantic) . You’ll enjoy either all while you’re clothed (casual or office clothes) or sparsely clothed (as in short-shorts and a tank/bra-top, men may be shirtless if they like).


Our seated massages are performed face down in an ergonomic professional massage chair in a semi-private room. Contrary to popular belief, seated massaged aren’t only for casual experiences when you need to relax or reduce stress. In addition to our relaxing seated massages, we also offer deeply therapeutic Traditional Table massage, and a customized romantic seated or table couple’s massage experience where you choose among a variety of options to make your experience perfect based on your preferences.


We use organic coconut oil (or if you prefer: natural unscented oil). Learn more about our massages here.



lifecoaching health wealth happinessCareer-Life Coaching (and Resume Re-Engineering)

You won’t be disappointed with our highly trained Success Coaches.

Our Success Coaches can support you superbly on any aspect of life, especially career management and planning. Our one-on-one or couples coaching can help you recognize your skills, follow your dreams, refocus your goals, while also overcoming challenges, and inspiring you to take the action you need to be successful.


You won’t be disappointed with our highly trained Success Coaches! Bring your resume, cover letter or application materials to your session if you’d like professional feedback and analysis (so you can make the adjustments yourself).


There’s also no additional cost to bring your business or romantic partner if you have a shared concern or goal you’d like addressed together.


As an added service, we provide Resume Re-Engineering where we  reformat (if needed) and re-write your resume for you.


This includes a consultation session so our experts can craft your resume into something that gives you the results you need. Unlike a simply bringing your resume to the coaching session for feedback we re-create your resume for you; saving you both the time and the stress. Everything is done for you.

Soothing Leg and Foot Sanctuary Soak

Arriving January 9th 2017!

Includes a deep, soothing 20-minute detoxifying, softening, cleansing, hand-made with mineral-rich Minera® Dead Sea Salt soak and a 20-minute lower leg and hot towel foot massage. All soaks include a body butter or organic coconut oil finish. 59.99


Express Soak is 25.99 for a 40-minute soak with towel-pat finish and no massage. Platinum Experience for 75.99 is the Signature Healing soak with the lavish addition of Hot Lava Shells® incorporated into the 20-minute massage.


Lachuá Lake Lemon & Honey Inspired by Lachuá Lake in Guatemala which is known for its high biodiversity and for being one of Guatemala’s most magnificent sights of natural beauty. Relax and enjoy your Honey, Apple Cider Vinegar and Lemon soak. Honey, which attracts and retains moisture is key for soft feet. It also eases swollen feet. Finally, Apple Cider Vinegar relaxes your muscles and provides anti-bacterial properties while Lemon promotes the toxin elimination process, helping to relieve the pain and tenderness associated with aching feet. Massage is finished with organic coconut oil


Tea Tree & Lavender – A favorite for relaxing, Tea tree and Lavender make for the perfect relaxation duet!  Enjoy a rich, luxurious and nourishing lavender moisturizing finish which softens and smooth’s the skin


Guatemalan Rainforest Be soothed and healed by the fresh, masculine scent of nature’s deep green forest. Includes black pepper oil which therapeutically helps to improve circulation and can help ease the pain of aching muscles. Emotionally, Black Pepper Oil is stimulating and is a good choice for enhancing alertness and stamina. Massage is finished with an ancient, woodsy formula of oak moss and green leaves cream


Absinthe After Dark Immerse yourself in this mesmerizing and entrancing premium Absinthe soak. Imagine the aromatic fragrance of star anise, amber, spicy cinnamon, fresh green herbal notes blended with fennel, nutmeg and cassia laid down on a bed of woodsy accords. Deep and earthy you’ll appreciate it’s warming and thought-provoking properties. Also beneficial for calming joint pain and treating cuts and abrasions. Includes a mischievous hydrating Absinthe cream finish that will leave your feet and lower legs feeling super-fresh and moisturized. All of our Absinthe themed services, including this one also include absinthe lip balm and Absinthe tea.


Sweet Orange Cheers is a cheerful and uplifting soak that’s a winner for adults and children. Alleviating anxiety, anger, depression and certain bodily inflammations this orange essential oil based soak is perfect if you need some happiness and optimism if your life. Massage is finished with organic coconut oil


Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Indulge in succulent milk chocolate and delicious sweet strawberry fragrance. You’ll enjoy the gentle nuances of grape, apple, jasmine, rose, honey, and fruity butter that come along for the ride. There are fewer better choices that chocolate and strawberries when you’re in deep need of pampering. Massage is finished with strawberry body butter and chocolate lotion.


Healing Hair Experiences

Click below to learn more!

Healing Hair Experiences


slider4Healing Classes

We’re excited to offer the 6 different healing classes and various special workshops and guest speakers. For details please visit our Healing Classes  page.

  1. Fitness and Movement for Seniors
  2. Urban Boot Camp
  3. Success & Power Mastermind Group
  4. International Belly-Dance Rejuvenation
  5. Children’s Active Enrichment
  6. Healing Meditation & Stretch
  7. Work Hard, Rock Harder
  8. Special workshops & Guest speakers*


Shoeless Seminar Socials

We really enjoy connecting with our clients, our community, and the general public. Our Shoeless Seminar Socials are a series of personally and professional enrichment seminars from 30-60 minutes long.


They are called “Shoeless” because attendees  participate in them in our multipurpose room with their shoes off while sitting on the floor. There are a lot of scientific studies and thought-leaders that support the health benefits of sitting on the floor versus in chairs. These studies have inspired us to offer seminars where folks enjoy them sitting down on the floor.


The purpose of our Shoeless Seminar Socials are to support the enrichment our community by sharing valuable information in a fun and welcoming environment. Our Topics generally center around the following focus areas: Financial Wellness, Business Wellness, Career Development/Employment, and Personal Health Wellness.


Our seminars are also “Socials” because they are a great way to meet new people, have fun and learn with the people you already know, and they’re FREE (which attracts more people and makes the experience that much more fun and social!)


Because space is limited, you’ll still need to RSVP even though it’s free. Those who RSPV will receive priority entrance if the space fills. If you RSVP and are over 10 minutes late, your space will be given to someone else on the wait list if the event is full.


All of our Shoeless Seminar Socials are on Wednesday nights from 6:30pm-7:30pm. Arrive at 6pm for some light dinner, water, coffee, and tea.

Click the link below for details about our upcoming Shoeless Seminar Socials!


Organic Hair Threading

Threading involves an elaborate method of using thread to grab and remove hair by the root. Threading is often felt to be less painful and more accurate than other hair removal methods because it causes minimal trauma to the skin. It’s precise and great for removing eyebrow, chin, stomach, toe or sideburn hair. It’s quicker than tweezing and often less painful and more accurate than waxing.


Unlike waxing, electrolysis and laser hair removal, threading is 100% eco-friendly.  Chemical free and no electricity, we use just two simple pieces of thread to give you smooth, hair free skin.


🙂 Click Below to Book Your Appointment! 🙂



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I just got my nails and feet done. The service here is awesome. The staff is great; they’re very attentive. They greet you with a smile. So when you come in looking to feel good, that’s exactly what you get. The massage was awesome. I would definitely recommend this to all my friends.

– Christopher Williams

Christopher Williams

She did a wonderful job. An A+ and 10 out of 10! It was really great.

Aaron Lawson

Fantastic! Best manicure I’ve ever had!

Zoe Fu

Excellent. My massage therapist was very considerate. I prefer this concentrated seated massage to table massages.

Ed Courtney

My Express-Mani was relaxing and calming and quick! I loved it! She did an excellent job. She paid attention to detail.

– Mima


Thank you! I feel like I’m on paradise island. Compared to how I felt before, I feel much better. I’m going through a lot right now in my life. My experience here was just very healing.

– Jennifer Bonilla

Jennifer Bonilla

My shoulders were so tight; and this express massage really released that tightness. It was good; I wanted more!


Excellent is an understatement. Just what I needed after a long day at work. The place has a calming and relaxing atmosphere, the staff are super friendly both on the phone and in person…very welcoming.

– Bridgett Nicholson

Bridgett Nicholson

I feel totally relaxed and great.  Best massage I’ve had in a long while.  I will definitely recommend Curación to my friends.

– Anthony Chow

Anthony Chow

What my Success Coach said was absolutely right. She zeroed in on what I needed to realize. It really helps to have someone from the outside reawake and touch what makes you tick. I’m more confident in the direction I need to go. Thank you

– Yaffa


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